In My Ear : September 15

In My Ears : September 15

New Yorkers are either listening to or making music. I thought the constant headphones might act as a deterrent to conversation, I'm finding the opposite to be true. You know how the most poignant song seems to find or re-find you at the most perfect moment? Well, that's happening a lot to me right now. 

As my friend, Stacy Weitzner remarked the other day.... Just so much yes. Truth.

Here is just so much yes:

No. 1. Into the Mystic / Van Morrison

Nicola reminded me of this beautiful song. Good luck only listening to it only once today. #gypsysoul

No. 2. The First Day / Michael Olmsted

New CD. Old friend. Raw thumping honesty and talent. I bow to him as he's built a big career, a beautiful (and big) family and still makes expression a priority. Favorite line: "And every time I don't know, I close my eyes and I see the truth." 

No. 3. Sing to You / John Splithoff

Good luck sitting still on this one. A little soul, a little sway, a whole lot of happy.

No. 4. Some Days are Diamonds / Amos Lee in Tribute to John Denver

Achingly beautiful. Takes one on a wistful three minute journey of reflection then thankfulness. 

No. 5. Ordinary Miracle / Charlotte's Web- Sarah McLaughlin & Danny Elfman

Random pick, I know. Try walking through the streets of NYC on a beautiful summer day and attempt to disregard some big awe inside. And yes, butterflies are included.

No. 6. Washington Square / Counting Crows

Not sure if I had somehow repressed this song but I downloaded it several years ago only to forget it in favor of Rain King (acoustic live version), Big Taxi, When I Dream of Michelangelo and Holiday in Spain. But I was literally walking through Washington Square Park when I put Counting Crows on SHUFFLE and this was the first song. Now, that was funny. And if Adam Duritz could just sit right over there and serenade me while I fall asleep well......that would be awesome.

No. 7. Kiss Me / repeat repeat

My sister and BILs band. I love them so and I love them singing in my ear every day. 

No. 8. Crazy Love / Michael Buble

That voice. Fun fact: Van Morrison actually wrote it. Bubles' version makes you wanna get frisky. You're welcome.

No. 9. Barcelona / Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe

Because I love everything Freddie Mercury and Bailey came in one night and said, "Mommy, drop everything and come watch something with me." And I did. And I was speechless. Freddie and Montserrat connected on a very deep soul level that lasted until his death. The first night they met, they stayed up the entire night getting to know each other. He wrote this song specifically so they could work together. Just this on so many levels.

No. 10. Belle / Garou- Patrick Fiori - Daniel Lavoie

Bailey taught himself how to speak French by downloading French music and translating the passages to understand the language contextually. I drove him to and from school every day (even when he had his own car--his choice, my pleasure) and we would listen to Garou, specifically. We both felt completely disturbed when he put out an English speaking CD and yes, we listened to it but we never forgave him and refused to listen any longer unless it was in French--Bailey always turning the music down to tell me what was being said (both literally and figuratively). Garou's voice takes me right back to cherished carpool time and since I'm missing that manchild more than I can quite comprehend, I take a little piece of him with me. Garou, swoon.

No. 11. Loved Me Back to Life / Celine Dion

My friends and NYC have absolutely loved me back to life. I wasn't dead but I sure was a little bit broken and certainly dulled. I'm learning to surrender to life not passively but openly and boy has it made all the difference in the world. 

No. 12.  The Sound of Silence / Disturbed

There is nothing more charming to me than to bear witness to a beautiful juxtaposition of any kind of situation. But when you take a hard-edged, hard-rocker man and you give him an orchestra and an impossibly beautiful piece of music with poignant lyrics and he treats it with such reverence...well, it just really works. 

No. 13. Ottmar Leibert

And when I need to work.....that sweet woman I love so much, Kim Clinard, turned me onto the most incredible guitarist. He always makes me wish I was dressed a little more colorfully (think Frida Kahlo).

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