The absolute hardest challenge of this entire adventure is being away from this kid errrr, adult. After several incredibly wise and wonderful conversations, where the child assumed the teaching role, it was evident that one cannot preach about life, adventure, personal responsibility and fulfillment without living it themselves. No matter what age.

Growing up, I took him to school every morning and left him with two bits of advice, "Make three people smile and scare yourself today." Some days, he'd laugh and say, "Sure," then slam the door. Some mornings he'd roll his eyes and then slam the door. Some days he'd just look at me like I was the craziest thing alive. But I always said it, like a broken record set on the mom speed.

Two days after I left, he started grad school at the University of Houston and has himself embarked on a challenging albeit exhilarating adventure. He left the incredible sanctuary of Pine Cove and a job he really loved for a chance to dive into the next season to become his personal best. He inspires me so.

I spent my last Texas week in Houston with him and our dear friends, The Simpson's, a handful of essential girlfriends and my mom. We cooked, laughed, goofed off, talked until all hours of the night, reminisced, shared a few tears and just spent time together. It was perfect.

I woke up with a pterodactyl-sized butterfly in my stomach and the strongest longing to just wake up from this scary dream and "go home." Instead, I got myself dressed, grabbed some breakfast and strong coffee and we set out for the airport loaded down with two giant overstuffed bags, a book bag and one very hesitant mama.

We talked all the way to the airport and the peace I began to feel was palpable. By the time we reached the drive, he had me again believing in the adventure I had outlined so efficiently...on paper. He had me excited about what I was attempting. It's a conversation I will cherish, always.

He pulled up to the incredibly busy curb, helped situate my bags for easy rolling, hugged me and said nine words I will never forget, "Mommy, make three people smile and scare yourself today."

 #  And scene. #

In a movie, it would have been unbelievable. It was everything.


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